Nitrophyl S.A. offers state-of-the-art technology to solve the most complex problems that arise from the different industry processes. We combine experience with constant research and development. Thus, we provide all the right answers to the needs of the market, by applying our technology to the manufacturing of products with complex technical requirements.


The constant search for excellence in the quality of our products and services has become one of the key principles of our company. These products and services will not only have to fulfill the specifications of what we offer, but also to exceed our customers’ expectations. Only that way we will be able to sustain our company in a market with increasing competition and development


Nitrophyl has the adequate infrastructure for the development of special products and their validation on our own laboratories and the premises of the client, answering to each need in a short time. One of our priorities is training our employees and clients, working non-stop on the improvement of our existing products and the development of new technologies.


Human resources are one of the main pillars of our company; that is why we work on offering our employees the proper labor conditions for the development of their activities. Training our employees is an essential tool for our company and for the development of a highly competitive environment, where a solid technical training differentiates us from the competition.



Nitrophyl has extremely flexible manufacturing equipment which allows us to carry out a wide variety of processes and elaborate a wide range of products. To this end, we count with an Engineering department which is responsible of applying any modification and adjustment necessary to fulfill our clients’ requirements.
The blending sector, the core of the company, works following strict procedures and under rigorous controls which allow us to ensure the quality and uniformity of the batches.
Nitrophyl counts with facilities suitable for the production of large parts, both by compression molding and injection molding.


We are committed to constantly improve our activities in an ethical, secure, reliable and environmentally-friendly way.