They are the core of innumerable control and operation devices within the modern industries. Their right functioning and long lifespan ensures low operation and maintenance costs, as well as a reduction of losses during the process. The diaphragm produced by Nitrophyl S.A. are manufactured in different types of elastomers according to the service and the demands which they will undergo. Textile reinforcements can be applied, which are elaborated with synthetic fabrics exclusively produced for each particular use.


used in the manufacturing process are carefully controlled, and their blending takes place in Bambury with open blenders which ensure a better uniformity in the properties of the batches. Before they are approved for use, the blends undergo different tests in our laboratories. The diaphragms can be obtained directly by molding or by extraction of previously molded plates. During this process, the significant parameters are controlled, which guarantees a final product adequate to fulfill our clients’ requirements.


The development and manufacturing of high-performance elastomeric diaphragms for fluids control processes, whether liquid or gas, are our main strength. Over 50 years of experience result in a great variety of products able to handle a wide range of fluids and different degrees of chemical and mechanical requirements. The quality of the high-performance diaphragms produced by Nitrophyl S.A. is ensured by rigorous controls carried out in the different stages of the manufacturing process and by the continuous developments according to the growing requirements of our clients.


Development, production and commercialization of high quality products for the most demanding markets adapting new technologies emerging in the market